Job Roles at Oracle

Oracle is a multinational American company. Oracle has many products and services, some of them being database software and technology, cloud engineering systems, and enterprise software products.

Products and Services offered by Oracle

Job Roles at Oracle

  1. Member of Technical Staff (MTS/also called Software Developer 2)
    My current job title 🙂 This type of role generally deals with the development of database-related tools & software.
  2. Application Engineer
    It’s a kind of Full Stack/Backend developer, analyze, design develops, and debugs software for commercial or end-user applications.
  3. UI Developer
    Major skill requirements could be CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5.
    Design, develop, troubleshoot, and debug software programs for databases, applications, tools, networks, etc.
  4. Product Manager
    Lead a team that acts as the central resource and driving force for the design, process, manufacturing, test, quality, and marketing of product(s).
  5. Site Reliability Developer
    Work on the shared full-stack ownership of a collection of services and/or technology areas. Has end-to-end configuration, technical dependencies, and overall behavioral characteristics of production services.

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